Media not viewing on anki app on Windows

Can someone please help me figure out how to be able to view images on anki again. I attached the screenshot below.

Please, provide more details. Did it work previously? Did you do something just before the problem happened for the first time? Are you synchronizing devices? It’s it working in other devices?

I used to use macbook pro beforehand but recently switched to windows. It didn’t show images on either laptop. It was fine before and I started having this issue a few months ago. I tried syncing the anki as well but it doesn’t help. I meant to ask this earlier too but kept waiting for it to resolve if I sync. But nothing happened :frowning:

Thank you for getting back.

Please confirm ‘media sync complete’ is shown: Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

I do that always and the sync button circles for a little bit and then stops so I am assuming that sync is complete because it never shows a separate notification of saying “sync complete”

Any other way I can try to fix this?

Please see Sound/image media files have gone missing! - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you. So from my understanding, it seems like it wants me to restore the data to restore images I believe. Is that correct? and if so, would restoring the media would lose my anki progress so far if it goes to the last backup?

What did check media report? If it shows a similar number of missing and unused files, that implies something is wrong with the naming. If it mainly shows missing files, that implies you’ve either accidentally removed the files, never synced them, or never had them in the first place (some shared decks do not come with (all) media). If you have access to the same shared deck still, you can import it into a new profile, confirm the files are shown, and then copy all the media files over to your main profile.

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