My media don't show up on Anki

I have a problem. Recently I’ve updated my AnkiDesktop on my Mac to a newer version. After updating and syncing (I also had to reactivate my account on AnkiWeb) all the video files media on my iPhone and AnkiWeb doesn’t show up like it’s gone, just a black player. So I checked my AnkiDesktop, it doesn’t show up in Browse mode but shows on Deck Preview on Mac only. All my media is still preserved on Anki 2 collection media, so it’s not gone which is good news. So I presume after I updated my AnkiDesktop to a newer version, some files were overwritten and modified, and now my Anki can’t find the location of the files for some reason. I’ve tried syncing, and reinstalling, I’ve also clicked “check media” on my Mac, most files show up as unused and missing. So what’s the solution to this problem? @dae

After hours of research, I finally found the remedy to my problem. Here it is if some of you guys have the same issue as I had. "Missing file" message on audio, file is available and works in desktop version - #4 by dae I just logged out from my DesktopAnki and logged back in with syncing, then synced on mobile version ( Shout out to @dae )
However, in my AnkiWeb I still can’t play my media, even though I rarely use AnkiWeb. I fixed it on all of my devices and synced everything, but when I checked the media there was a lot of ‘unused’ media, is it normal, or should I be concerned? And what happens if I delete Unused files?

The files are missing, so ‘delete’ won’t do anything here. If you tag the notes, you can locate them in the browse screen and confirm that the audio doesn’t play. Please see Sound/image media files have gone missing! - Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

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