Images not showing up and media sync log ongoing

hello, im hoping someone can help me. I recently got a new computer and just synced my anki deck from my old computer to my new one using my ankiweb account. i didnt realize the media was still loading in the background and i practiced a handful of cards (10max). The cards did not show the images attached to the answer upon my click–it shows a broken image icon. it seems to be this way for every card. the media sync log is still going (for hours now). is there something I can do or does it simply take hours to download? thanks!

If the download count is increasing, it’s making progress. If it appears stuck, you can abort it and sync again to pick up where you left off.

how long will this take? it is still going… i need to start studying but am afraid to use decks right now and ruin its progress

Presumably it’s done by now, but for future reference - it’s fine to study cards while media is syncing, though if your cards depend on pictures or audio, then it may be hard to answer them until the syncing is done.