Broken image on web + device

Hi there,

I am having some issues with my anki decks uploading content to the web. I am using the “optional reverse” cards and cannot see the image for the answer, all I see is a broken image tab. The images do appear on my desktop but my sync continues to load even though all decks are present on my other devices.

Media is synced asynchronously (you can start reviewing before it has finished), so it is normal for the media sync to take some time if the decks contain a lot of images.

If the issue persists, see: Sounds/images are not appearing on AnkiWeb or the mobile clients - Frequently Asked Questions


I understand that these syncs can happen asynchronously but mine is stuck in a constant state of syncing and never has resolution. I typically sync all my devices every day, multiple times a day so I would think this shouldn’t be an issue. I not have to force download from the web and it is stuck very early on in the syncing process (see picture).

anki sync
anki sync2

Depending on the size of your media files and connection speed, it may take more than 15 seconds for the numbers to change. Forcing a one-way sync does not alter the way media is synced, and media syncing is not active while a one way sync is in progress.

Thank you for your help. I am fully aware something can take more than 15 seconds to sync. I do not believe, however, it should take a full night to sync and then abort before completion. The images provided were simply depicting the information that did not change in that time span.

The sync will abort if it encounters a temporary network error - when that happens, if you sync again, it should pick up where it left off. If you attempt to sync again, do you see no changes to the added/removed count even after waiting 15 minutes?