Major Anki Bug: Images disappearing from cards

I have a very large Anki collection which I have
been maintaining for the last 3 years(not on this email).

The last few weeks I had the feeling that cards where previously
there were images on it did not have them anymore.

Yesterday I reviewed a card where I am absolutely certain it had images, I did not have any and I do not mean the missing image sign, the entire image has been removed from the file.
I searched all cards and could not find the image, checking my media I found many unused images.

I deleted all of them, the next day there were more unused images even though I had deleted no cards.

I am not sure if it is my memory that is failing or the anki system bugging out. If necessary I can share all data.

Please export a colpkg backup of your collection, then revert to a backup made before the image disappeared. Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, does it happen when you disable all add-ons?

Ok, I checked everything again and I am not sure if it is my memory that is failling, but I cannot find the cards and the issue.

Altough I am highly certain that one card once had images. If anybody experiences the same issues keep an eye out.

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