Images missing in the media folder

I have got a problem with my images.
When I check medias (on my pc or my touchpad), a message inform me that some images are used by cards but can’t be found in the media folder. Then all the images are listed below.

Before I used to get messages that allow me to delete the images in the media folder which I did for a long time without thinking too much. (probably not a good idea.)

Can you help me to understand where this bug may comes from ?

Thank you very much !

You have media files references on your cards to files that are not in your folder. If you delete some of them, you may have the media files inside the media.trash folder.

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ok thank you for your response ankipalace !

My problem is not about images that I could have destroyed in the folder “”, trying to tidy up files on my computer for exemple. I should have created a post when I used to delete images (after Anki asked me if I wanted to do it because of a problem).

The problem with the images seems to come mainly from a deck I downloaded about 2 years later to learn english. Is it possible that the images from this deck are mainly linked to online images ? (they do not really download the image) So the problem is the link can change over time, causing the problem.

If I continue to see this is only on this deck this is not really a big deal. I do not learn with those images, they are just to illustrate.

Anki stores images locally by default, but I have seen shared decks with remote image links in the past.

Ok thank you for your comment Dae !
The problem of files used by cards but not found in the media folder seems to be with different kinds of files, not only images (.jpg), but also .ogg or .mp3,. Sometimes it’s not precised the type of file and when I view the card I just see the blank logo of a file instead of the image.

How can I check if this is really a problem of linked images that have moved ?
It reassures me that it seems that the problem only concerns this english deck, but as I learned it a lot and I like it, I would prefer to correct the problem if possible.

Please see

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Hello dae. Your right. As it is written in the post you linked me, I am going to see how I can download again the missing media I need from the shared deck. (luckily I have seen that the media I was losing were from one deck).
Thank you very much ! Very good continuation to all of you that helped me !