Losing a Tag with a lot of cards

Hello everyone;

I was doing flashcards this weekend on my AnkiDesktop and today I dont find them.

I realised that i did a mistake while synchronizing: I synchronized my Iphone anki app datas ‘‘to Ankiweb’’ and then downloaded the datas ‘‘from ankiweb’’ on my AnkiDesktop → which deleted all the cards that i created before.

I searched on my backup folders and I didn’t find the flashcards that I created this weekend.

Where can they be lost?

Please; help me

Thank you

I’m afraid you’re out of luck if there are no recent backups in the backups folder.
Anki should normally take backups when you choose Download, but due to a bug, this was not the case for some versions before 2.1.40.

I recommend upgrading to 2.1.40 to be safe going forwards.

Also make sure that the option in Tools > Preferences > Backups is set to something reasonable.

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