Missing parts of decks and no back ups saved

Hello Anki team,

I am posting as I noticed a part of a deck I have been using for the past few months has gone missing, deleted from my anki desktop (only place I use anki). Additionally, many of my tagged cards were untagged, although I have not physically gone and removed tags. At least 5 separate tags I made in the last week had many if not cards untagged (i.e., originally had 100 tagged cards, only had 20 yesterday). I was able to recover the tagged cards again through deck downloads shared by friends, but I unfortunately had to go back and redownload the entire original deck again because my Anki profile showed 0 available back ups (for example, out of a deck that originally contained 30,000+ cards, I only had 12,000. Iā€™m not sure how I could have accidentally only deleted half the cards). I am also confused as to how I have 0 back ups saved as my settings show I should have a back up created at least 10 times per week. I am wondering what might have possibly gone wrong so I can avoid these problems again.


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Are new backups being created?

If you would like, I can restore your AnkiWeb collection to a backup made on the 18th or 11th. Any changes made since then will be lost however.

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