Locked out of my anki account while trying to sync

I’m unable to access my account after being locked out of my account.
It says:
403 Forbidden
Access was denied to this resource.
Too many logins to your account. Please try again in an hour.

This happened when I downloaded the desktop version of anki and tried to sync my account to the desktop version. However, when I entered my ankiwebid, it says ankiwebid or password incorrect. So I went to reset my password and tried logging in. But I realised I wasn’t able to log in anymore. Not only on ankiweb, i tried logging in on my ipad and phone but couldn’t log in on any device.

Also, do i have to create a new account for the anki desktop version? If so, how do I transfer the cards on my previous accounts to the desktop version? And does that mean I won’t be able to sync the cards on my laptop to the ones on my phone?

pls help T.T thanks

You can try this until the experts arrive:


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Thanks a lot! I managed to log in again and somehow I can now log in to the desktop version! <3

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Good news.