Syncing failure due to password change

Hey, guys. I changed my password because I didn’t remember it when using my mobile Anki. After adding new cards to my desktop Anki, I received an error message saying “The Ankiuser or password is wrong; please, try again.” How can I fix things? Thanks in advance.


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Thank you so much! It worked!

Actually I had a syncing problem. Only my mobile is syncing; not the computer. What should I do?

what syncing problem?
what happens when you try to sync?
do you get an error?
is it on AnkiMobile or AnkiDroid?

I did what you told me, but it stopped again. Everything has stopped.

Only going to ankiweb is possible to add new cards. I’ve just tried it.

it’s just not possible to understand what’s wrong if i don’t know what exactly happens.

anki has stopped working? you’re not able to review? syncing has stopped? your’re not able to add cards?

can you please read this and then explain what exactly is wrong?

I can only add new cards now by using ankiweb, not using ankidroid for computers nor ankidroid for mobile, and when syncing, then I see the new cards I’ve added.

Morning, guys. I have synced both my Ankimobile and Ankidesktop, but I can only add new cards when using my Ankimobile. When I try to use my Ankidesktop it doesn’t add new cards, though I have already synced it. Can you help me, please? Thanks

What exactly do you mean by “doesn’t add new cards”?

Edit: I’ve merged your other thread in here. If you’re being prompted to upload/download, you’ll need to upload on one device and download on the others to bring everything into sync first.

I said that I could not add new cards by using the Anki for PC; it was not working. The Anki for mobile apparently started to sync again, but now my Anki for PC does not even work. I deleted it, downloaded it again, but it’s not opening anymore. The anki for mobile is working, but not the Anki for PC. Don’t know why.

Please see Anki is suddenly not opening on Windows

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I will. Thanks.