Unable to login and sync on Anki Desktop

I’ve recently downloaded Anki on my mobile and am trying to be able to import a number of cards (from CSVs) onto Anki Desktop and to then sync these across to the mobile version.

I’m having an issue as I cannot login and sync on the desktop version of Anki. I have tried my password multiple times. I am able to login successfully on the web version (https://ankiweb.net) but cannot seem to do so on the Desktop version. I have tried copying and pasting the same password from a notepad and it works on AnkiWeb but not on the Desktop version. I have tried changing my password (and could then login on AnkiWeb but not on mobile).

Based on this I am >95% confident that this is not an issue with me entering the password and is an Anki Desktop specific issue.

Given that I cannot batch upload from a CSV to AnkiWeb or on my mobile this issue means I’m not able to use Anki Mobile in the way I would like.

I was able to sync successfully one time; however, I haven’t been able to login and sync since.

I’m using v2.1.38 of Anki Desktop. I’m using a work computer so will need to get an Admin to install the new version to see if that addresses the issue. Is there a known bug in the version I’m using that would cause this?

Error Message:

The error message could possibly be caused by some sort of filtering or authenticated proxy present on your work’s network, and you will likely need the help of your network admin to resolve the problem. Some info is available here: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual

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