Cannot log in from Desktop

I am unable to log into Anki on my desktop. I have been using Anki on my desktop without synching for several months now, and also on my Android phone. Today I decided to create an account so I can synch my desks. I verified the account through email. I can log into my account using the same email and password with no problem on the web and my phone, but when I try to log in from my desktop to synch decks, I am getting the error: “AnkiWeb ID or password was incorrect; please try again.” I am on Windows 10, my version of Anki is ⁨2.1.44.

I have read and tried suggestions from this forum and Reddit, except for changing my password only because I know it’s correct. Everything else doesn’t work, which is why I am writing here.

Nevermind. I shut Anki down on my PC when I went out for a while. I got home, opened the app and was able to finally log in. I am now happily synching everything, including tablet now.