Unable to get to log in screen on Anki 2.1

Hi, I just recently downloaded Anki 2.1.29 which automatically carried over my decks from Anki 2.0. But now I want to sync my decks to my existing AnkiWeb account so I can access them on my phone. When I pressed ‘sync’ on desktop Anki, I can an error that says ‘AnkiWeb ID or password was incorrect, please try again’ but wouldn’t give me the log in screen. How do I get to the log in screen on desktop Anki?

I’m able to log into AnkiWeb just fine. I just can’t update the account on desktop Anki to perform the sync. Help!

go to Tools -> Preferences -> Network and press Deauthorize then go back to main screen and press sync, now you should be prompted to sign in.

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