Local anki account problem

In March 2023, I started my studies with Anki and since then I have created more than 400 cards. Today, I managed to keep the average number of daily cards at around 20 to 40, which makes it possible for me to complete the review content every day.

However, I recently saw the need to be able to use Anki on my cell phone too, so as not to be stuck with reviewing only on my PC. Back in March, I ended up not linking my local account (I just downloaded the app and started creating cards, without knowing that it was necessary to link accounts to Ankiweb to keep everything in the cloud).

Now, I created an account to be able to access the same Anki on my cell phone, however, I have to review the more than 400 cards again, because of my mistake I made in the past.

my question is: is it possible to export cards along with their review configuration? for example, I want to export 5 cards from a deck that will only appear for review in 2 days.

What normally happens is that when I export a deck, it appears in the new account with zero revisions. having to revise it completely to begin with. Or how can I transfer the review settings from this local account to the new web account?

You can move the cards you want to export to a different deck (unless you want to export the entire deck), and then export with scheduling included. When imported into another profile/device, the scheduling will be preserved.

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thank you for helping me :raised_hands:t2:

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