I want to put my different decks on Anki Web and I can't

I’m a medical student and I’ve created different decks in my 3-year career. So, I have a deck just for physiology, another for anatomy, for example.

I recently bought a tablet and I wanted to send my decks to ankidroind, but to do so I need to send my decks to ankiweb first and I can’t. I can only send one deck and when I try to send the others, the first deck is replaced.

How can I transfer all my different decks to ankiweb and then to ankidroid? Can anybody help me?

thank you guys.

See the syncing videos:

They show AnkiMobile, but the process is basically the same for AnkiDroid.

To transfer all your different decks to AnkiWeb and then to AnkiDroid without overwriting each other, you can follow these steps:

  1. Merge Decks: Combine all your individual decks into one deck within Anki. This will allow you to sync them all at once to AnkiWeb without overwriting each other.

  2. Sync with AnkiWeb: Sync the merged deck with AnkiWeb. This will upload all your cards and decks to your AnkiWeb account.

  3. Download Decks on AnkiDroid: Install AnkiDroid on your tablet and log in with the same AnkiWeb account. Sync AnkiDroid with AnkiWeb to download the merged deck onto your tablet.

  4. Separate Decks: After downloading the merged deck onto AnkiDroid, you can separate them back into individual decks if needed. You can do this by creating new decks within AnkiDroid and moving the cards from the merged deck into their respective new decks.

  5. Sync with AnkiWeb Again: Once you have separated the decks on AnkiDroid, sync it again with AnkiWeb to ensure that all changes are reflected online.

By following these steps, you should be able to transfer all your different decks to AnkiWeb and then to AnkiDroid without losing any data. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Are you talking about different decks? Or different collections in different profiles?

:thinking: Why would all the decks need to be combined into one for syncing?


Do all the decks have the save name?
When you import, did you check into which deck you were importing?
If the cards overwrote those that were already there from another deck, then those cards must have the same unique identifier in the first column.
Are you using a NoteID or similar as your unique identifier for each Note?

Please see Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions

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