Linux (Mint): Crashes when copying/pasting

Greetings friends!

So, a while I ago I asked for help because my Linux Anki is prone to crash when I create new cards. I originally thought using the flatpak Anki solved it, but it turns out it didn’t. I did notice over time, however, that now it exclusively crashes when I copy or paste text during creation.

I’m not sure if this is an Anki problem or if its Linux, e.g. QT6, at work, but it’s supremely bothersome.

Does anyone have any advice? It’d be greatly appreciated!

Mhh thats odd, i’m using Anki on Linux Mint and i have never encountered this crash.

Did you install it via apt or did you use the install script?

Thanks a lot for chiming in! I pull the .tar from the Website and used the install script. When that kept crashing, I also installed the flatpak on my system, so currently I have 2 versions. I felt, vaguely, that the flatpak crashes less, but that might easily be just my imagination.

Think I should get rid of all these installs and try an apt install instead?

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Please try the latest beta version.

Alright, I’m on it! I just had a quick try and went ballistic copy and pasting around, but it didn’t produce a crash, so that makes me pretty hopeful. I’ll take it for a more thorough spin and report back!

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I just wanted to get back and report that this seems to have fixed my issue. I haven’t had a single crash after upgrading to the beta, and I’ve had some longer card creation sessions. I’m now happily residing in crash-free Anki land.

Again, thanks a lot for suggesting the beta, that helped immensely!

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