Anki is crashing my laptop

I am studying for med school and have been using anki in my windows 10 to memorize certain concepts. I noticed that when I create cards, or some time after that, my computer stops working properly. My touch pad stops working completely (only the plugged usb mouse works), the web browser is unable to reproduce sound (it loads youtube videos but is unable to reproduce them, lichess games lose sound, and whatsapp web also refuses to reproduce sound).

I can’t even restart my laptop. If I try, the loading screen will go rollin forever. I have to physically remove it’s battery in order to turn it on again.

None of this has ever happened to my computer. Everything works just fine. After some time using anki, it all goes to shit.

Are there any fixes for this?

Normal apps shouldn’t be able to crash your system - this sounds like you may have hardware or OS issues. One thing you could try is changing the video driver in the preferences screen after updating to 23.10.

That may even be, but how would you know? There’s no reason for me to believe that my hardware or OS has any problem, since I have never had any issues with it.

This response looks like the standart developer response to yet-unsolved issues. It reminds me of when a Fallout 76 player complained that his computer had been bricked by the game, and the devs were like “No way! That is impossible! Must be your PC”. Until of course many other people started making the same complaint, so it became evident that yes, it was possible.

If you look into it, you’ll see that more people have had problems similar to mine. It’s ok if there’s no fix to this, but you could at least say “we don’t know what causes this and there’s no fix in the horizon”, instead of blaming it on people’s computers.

Whatever this is, good.luck to the devs and congratulations, despite this the program is awesome (I just pray it doesnt brick my computer).

If you definitely know of people having similar issues, please link to their reports.

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