Anki Not Responding/Crashing When Clicking Browse

Hello! I really need some help in regards to my Anki deck. It was working fine a few days ago but all of sudden it now crashes when I click “Browse”. Both in the main menu AND within a deck. I have tried deleting Anki off my computer and re-installing the newest version. I have synched older version of the deck and have restarted my computer multiple times. I have tried bypassing the add-ons with SHIFT and it still crashes. As well, I have executed CMD prompt echo auto > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver and echo angle > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver Both of which has not solved the problem.

Please help! Thank you!

Could you do the checklist at and report the result for each step.

Do you use the latest Anki version (2.1.35?) What is your OS version? Did you recently have any other problems or did something change a few days ago on your computer (like an upgrade to a new Windows version etc.)?

Most of the problems I had with Anki were caused by add-ons.

I’m just a happy user.

btw: In general you should use a backup software for all your user data which includes the anki data. Anki also keeps some old versions of your database, see In the Anki preferences I would increase the count for moment: Each time you restart a new backup is made and an old one is deleted. So if you restart very often with a corrupt collection Anki you might run out of good versions so that you’d have to rely on your real backup with real backup software (which many people don’t have).


Thank you for responding! I really need help with this. I am using the latest version and I am running Windows 10 Home version 1909. Nothing has been changed recently with my computer.

Again, thanks for your help!

1. Restart Anki

Please close Anki, then start it again.
~ I have done this multiple times and I have even deleted my profile and started a new profile. Still happening.

2. Check your Anki version
I have the newest version of Anki.

3. Check your database
Database has been checked and is good.

4. Check add-ons
I have done this multiple times with no resolution.

5. Restart your computer
I have done this multiple times with no resolution.

6. If the problem remains

This is why I am here. =)

What does it say when it crashes? If you download the alternate version of Anki from Anki’s download site, does that make a difference?