Anki crashes anytime I click "browse"

Hi! My anki (on Mac) keeps crashing anytime I press the 'browse" button. This started a few days ago, and I initially fixed the problem by disabling/enabling my add ons. The issue has started again. I have restarted my computer, enabled/disabled my add ons, downloaded a new version of anki, checked my database/media. I cannot get any suggested tips to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this issue? Very annoying

Close the browser window and reset the windows position under preferences.


that worked! hopefully it stays working lol, thank you so much!

If you find it reoccurs, please keep an eye out for the steps you’re taking that tends to trigger it to happen, as it may be something like resizing the window or changing from horizontal/vertical layout is connected to this.

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