Anki Desktop crashing a few moments after opening browse menu

I am having an issue where every time I open the browse menu on anki desktop, anki will automatically crash after a few moments. I am using the latest silicon version of anki on an M2 MacBook Air. I have tried the 6 recommended steps for fixing this issue and none of these have worked. I have also tried to export the deck, create a new user account, and then import the deck onto this new account, however this did not fix the issue. I was wondering if there is a way of fixing this?

Are there any error logs to report from anki on macOS? (post in pre-formatted text, cmd + e)

if it is from mac the first 40 lines of error or just after Kernel triage

There was a problem with the browser that was solved by:
Anki -> Preferences -> Reset Windows size


Resetting windows size fixed it, not crashing anymore! Thank you!

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