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Anki is crashing my computer

I just started med school and am using Anki to study on my desktop. Multiple times now (at least 4) I have been in the middle of making cards and all the sudden my screen will go black. The computer is still on but doesn’t respond to me pressing the power button or anything. I have to just pull the power cord out the back and then replace it. My keyboard and mouse also become unresponsive. This only has happened while making Anki cards, and has never happened in any other circumstance / before I downloaded Anki. It is fine when I make them on my iPad, but its so hard to type quickly and effectively and would prefer to use my desktop. Does anyone have any suggestions?
If it helps, my desktop is an HP Pavillion gaming desktop, and it has plenty of storage and is all updated.

I guess your pc is on Windows,
you can try hotkey ctrl+Alt+delete to switch to task manager ,
to see which program is occupying your pc with most resource of cpu and Ram.

No app should be able to crash your computer. One possible cause is a problem with your video drivers, and changing the driver Anki is using may possibly help. Known Issues - Changes