Anki keeps crashing after unsuspending cards

Hey everyone,

I was trying to unsuspend cards and close out the browse menu and it crashed. Now it keeps crashing every time I close the application. Only when I close the application or when I toggle suspend then close the browse menu. It isn’t saving what I’m unsuspending.

I’ve updated it, nothing
I’ve deleted the application and re-downloaded anki and nothing.

Any ideas?

Try turning off hardware acceleration from the preferences. (it causes crashes sometimes)

I can’t seem to find hardware acceleration under the preferences? I clicked the preferences for anki and it just shows basic, scheduling, network, and backups. Under those tabs, I see no hardware acceleration

It should be the first checkbox in the Basic tab. Maybe you’re using an old version?


Oamiri, if you’re on a Mac, are you getting a popup saying the app crashed? If so, please click report, then copy and paste the text here. What third-party tools do you have running in your menubar?

Yeah mine doesnt have this? Also mine is 2.1.30, i think its the most up to date?

It appears to be something wrong with the web toolkit. Maybe you’ll have more luck using the alternate version on Anki’s download site?