Anki constantly crashing making cards

i first thought being on browse was the problem. i then disabled all my add-ons and one by one added them back on to see which is the problem. i will note that when they were all off, there was no crashing. but when i disabled each one, one by one, it kept crashing even when I got to the last add on. i gave up and had them all enabled again and it stopped crashing so i thought it was magically fixed. but i realized that it only starts crashing when im making cards, specifically cloze deletions. i dont know what the problem is and this is really impacting my studying. it will not crash when im on anki doing cards or searching on browse, it is only when im making cloze deletion cards. I dont know what the problem is, and i dont know if this is too vague or niche, but im hoping someone out here can help and hopefully this can help future ppl. please let me know what else i should try. I tried deleting and redownloading anki and also did the resize window method.
I am on mac using the latest anki version.

Maybe I missed this in your post – did you try creating a cloze deletion (your specific crash cause) while all the add-ons were disabled? That’s definitely an important step to check.

Rather than enable/disable all your add-ons 1-by-1 – Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

  1. Start Anki with all add-ons disabled, by holding down Shift while starting (until you get a confirmation message) – if creating a cloze works, then you know it’s a/some combination of add-ons.
  2. As suggested in the Troubleshooting checklist disable half your add-ons at a time to narrow down the issue.

It’s very possible that some of your add-ons haven’t been updated to work with that version.

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