Desktop (Mac) Version keeps crashing and crashing

While adding new cards, Anki keeps crashing, and reinstalling the latest version (anki-2.1.64-mac-intel-qt6) of Anki or restarting the computer does not help. No other program on my mac is affected.

I have the following add-ons (in case that matters):

  • Auto Ease Factor
  • Enhance main window
  • Fill the blanks - Multiple typecloze support
  • Image Occlusion Enhanced
  • ImageResizer
  • Maximum image height and width in card editor
  • Multiple Choice UPDATED AS OF 2129
  • Review Heatmap
  • Searching PDF Reading Note-Taking in Add Dialog

Is there a bug to be fixed or is the problem on my side?
Kind regards

Please disable all add-ons to rule them out as the cause. Which screen is it crashing in? Does resetting your window positions in the preferences screen again help, at least until you restart Anki?

Thank you for the rapid reply: I tried all add-ons and the culprit is clearly “Searching PDF Reading Note-Taking in Add Dialog”…
In fact, Anki crashes mostely, but not only, when the content within a field is deleted.

Any chance the bug is fixed? It is very powerful to avoid making new cards which have already been addressed in other cards.

Please report add-on specific issues to the add-on author.

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