Anki Crashes every time I edit and close window

I keep trying to edit my cards and after ive made the edit, I click the close button and the entire app will just crash. I’ll be prompted with a window saying that Anki quit unexpectedly and that I have the option to try and send a report to Apple but that never helps. I’ve tried enabling and disabling all add-ons to see if that’s an issue, but that didn’t work. I’m on version 2.1.30 and i’ve been prompted with a message to update but I don’t want to update yet as I’m a little scared of losing the thousands of cards I’ve made. I doubt my ignoring a new update is the cause of this issue since everything has been working fine for the most part, but i’m not sure what else it could be.

If the issue still exists with the latest version, please try the alternate version, as it uses an older toolkit version, and may help.

I am having the same issue after updating to version 2.1.35 on Mac OS X Catalina. I also tried downgrading to the previous version, the alternate version and also a fresh install by deleting the local Anki files (Application Support directory) but all generate the same errors. I am not sure what else to do.

Perhaps there is some pattern to the configurations of your machines that triggers it? Do you use multiple monitors? What third-party apps do you have running in your menubar?

Thanks for the reply dae!
I tested it using a new user on my Mac without any extensions. For typing vocabulary into Anki I switch between keyboard layouts and therefore I use the built-in keyboard viewer which displays the current keyboard layout (in my case Korean or English). I found that when I disable the keyboard viewer it does not crash at all when adding new vocabulary but when I enable it it crashes almost every time I save a new word. So I assume this is (at least in my case) the reason for the issue. For now I will work without the keyboard viewer which is not a big deal for me. But maybe there is a general issue at hand here.

Do you mean It’s possible to get macOS to show the currently selected keyboard language in the top menubar, if you just want to know which language you have selected.

That is exactly it. I use it to switch between the German and Korean keyboard (by pressing the TAB key; it’s an option in the settings) and at the same time place the keyboard viewer on the screen to see the layout of the Korean keyboard. By not pressing the option “Show Keyboard Viewer” in the top menubar and thereby not seeing the layout, I found that Anki works without a problem and is not crashing.

Glad to hear you guys have found a workaround; it’s likely a bug in the toolkit Anki is built on, and I’ll remember this for the next person who runs into similar issues.

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This continues to be a problem. Today I have upgraded to version ⁨2.1.38 to see if it will go away, but the problem remains. Every time I activate the keyboard viewer to type in Korean, as soon as I click to close the window Anki crashes and none of my changes are saved. Since I am just beginning to learn Korean, it is nice to have the keyboard viewer while typing, specially because I prefer to learn by typing in the answer. I hope someone has found a solution. Thanks in advance!

I use the same technique to switch between US and Tibetan keyboard with the tab key and that works with my Anki 2.1.38 / 10.15.7. Are you running 10.16? Keyboard input should have nothing to do with the app code receiving events which are just different Unicode based on the keyboard language input.

MacOS Big Sur and latest (2.1.45) Anki here. No add-ons. Steps to reproduce the crash: Open Anki, click Browse, search for a card that doesn’t exist, close Anki. When there are results for your search, Anki closes without any errors.

I can’t seem to reproduce the problem with those steps.