Anki 2.1.35 keeps crashing

I’ve just started having this problem a few days ago… I use macOS big sur. Whenever I go to edit a card and click the “x” in the corner, the entire anki app crashes. It also crashes whenever I click browse and then click the “x” in the corner. I keep getting this error after it crashes. Someone please help!

To start with, could you try the new 2.1.40 version:
Version ⁨2.1.40 (cf446733)⁩
Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2

Could it be related to Anki Crashes every time I edit and close window?

thanks khs and dae for the reply!

I updated to the newest 2.1.40, read the other post, disabled add-ins and re-enabled them, and am still having this issue.

Anki didn’t crash when I closed the add on window, but it’s still crashing when i close the “browse” or “add cards” windows.

I haven’t used another monitor for the past few months. I also don’t have another keyboard enabled. I shut all of the programs I had opened and anki still crashed…

Is this a multi-monitor setup or just a single screen, laptop and so on?

just a single screen and the mac!

If it’s a laptop with default graphics chip laptop or something similar, it could be a Big Sur bug. What does Apple-About this Mac show for OS and graphics, here’s mine (MacBookPro running latest 10.15 as the company I work for has not yet verified and allowed upgrades:

Version: 10.15.7
Graphics: Radeon Pro 460 4Gb
Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB
I.e. the most vanilla MacBookPro13,3 2016 MPB that was sold.

You could try switching the video driver to ‘software’ in Anki’s preferences screen.

Ah I see!

version: 11.1
graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Mine is the MacBook Pro 2019

Let me know if you need any more info!

I just tried switching it to software, restarted anki, and am still having the same crashing issue :frowning:

I’m afraid it’s either a problem with the toolkit Anki’s built on, and/or your video drivers. Maybe updating to the latest macOS version will help?

Yes it looks like a GL surface via a destructor is over-released, so it’s a Qt/pyQtk issue or Applit MacOSX 16.x issue. As mentioned, try to upgrade first to latest 16.x version to see if it’s an AppKit issue or not.

I’m on Anki 2.1.38 on macOS 11.2.1 and Anki works fine for me. I do have a discrete GPU vs integrated, so that may be the difference. Hope you’re able to get it resolved.



Hi, thank you all again!

I did absolutely nothing, but it stopped crashing today. I’m not sure why, but it’s ok.

Thanks again for all of the help!

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