Anki is lagging after a "video drive failure"

I was making image occluded cards and then all of a sudden a pop up showed up and said “video drive failure” and then ever since then the screen and literally everything I do is lagging. I tried to downgrade, to redownload anki, and restarted my computer and nothing worked. I even downloaded Qt6 and then downloaded Qt5 because downgrading worked last time but this time im at a complete loss.

I posted a video of it on the Anki subreddit and wont post a link to that post but if you just go to the subreddit and search “lag” in the subreddit it will show a video of the.

Maybe restarting your machine will help?

I figured it out, apparently my Video driver setting was on (video driver: software) instead of (video driver: OpenGL, recommended on macs)

My Anki kept crashing and ever since I went into preference’s and changed that it doesn’t lag anymore and doesn’t crash. Thank you tho. Hopefully someone else in the future finds this solution helpful