Anki has become unbelievably laggy for me

I have been having trouble with my Anki for the fast 2 weeks, its FPS has reduced to what I believe to be 25 or even less and it keeps crashing when I try to make cards.

Things ive tried to no avail:
-Redownloading anki (with the version recommended for my computer)
-tried restarting my computer
-disabling and even deleting all add ons
-switching profiles
-checking database
-checking media
-reducing the number of cards I have to like 59,000

I have other friends with this many cards and they do not have this problem, wondering if anyone has a solution because its effecting my studying at this point

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Hi youseyfbaby,
Sorry that you are having trouble.
What is your version info from “About”?



I should also mention I run it on a M1 macbook pro 2022

You could try the Qt5 build and changing the video driver.


IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Have no idea why the Qt6 version was so fucked for my computer but I cannot thank you enough, been dealing with this bullshit lag for 3 weeks and all I needed to do was downgrade it, cannot thank you enough!