Terrible Lag and Delay on Anki Macbook

My anki keeps lagging terribly whenever I try and use it. Whenever I scroll throw decks or cards there is a long delay. I have tried restarting my computer and downloading various versions of anki including qt 6 and qt5 silicon and intel versions. I am not sure what to do at this point. This all started after I clicked update to the new version when it popped up on my screen this morning.

Your issue sounds like it may be a graphics driver issue, but I’d expect the Qt5 version to work around that. Please try restarting your computer, then running the Qt5 version again, confirming that Qt5 is shown in the about screen. If problems persist, please try switching to software mode in the Qt6 version.


Thanks for the reply. I tried restarting and the Qt5 version is still slow. I also tried the software mode for Qt6 and honestly, this is even slower than the Qt5. This same issue happened to me back in March and it was resolved by going down to an older version of Anki, but none of that is working this time around.

I’m afraid I can’t seem to reproduce the slow behaviour on a Mac here, and do not see any issues with your collection. If downgrading to an older version did not help, that seems to imply that it’s not Anki’s that’s changed, but something external, such as an add-on, OS update, some other software running on your machine, number of other programs you have running, etc. If your Macbook has only 8GB of RAM, maybe closing other processing like your web browser may help.

I have tried loading it without add ons, my mac OS is up to date, and my mac has 16 GB of RAM. Is there any way for me to completely delete anki and start over again? I’ve tried moving it to the trash and re downloading different versions but none of this has helped.

You can rename your Anki data folder to start completely afresh, though the chances of it helping are slim I’m afraid.


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