Lagging/Slow Anki Desktop on Mac

All of a sudden a few weeks ago, my Anki desktop on my Mac began to be very slow and laggy. I have done literally everything to fix it. I deleted Anki and re-downloaded the newest version (2.1), restarted my computer multiple times, and tried switching profiles. I even deleted majority of my cards because I thought the problem began after I added some image-including cards, but this did not help. Even when I create a new profile and add barely any cards, it still is slow/laggy on my computer. The weird thing is, it’s only slow on my computer but not on my phone or iPad. I updated my computer and still no improvement. Please help!

Which Anki version do you use, have you tried the Qt5 and Qt6 version, did you install any add-ons recently?

I am using Version ⁨2.1.63. I have a new macbook pro. I tried downloading the Qt5 and Qt6 versions to see if there would be a difference but they will not open on my computer. I did not install any add-ons recently, in fact I tried deleting some to see if there would be a difference but this didn’t work either!

Did you make sure you have the correct Anki version for mac? There is one for Intel and a different one for Apple Silicon:

Yes I downloaded the Silicon version for my new Mac. I tried the other two ones just to see if they made a difference but they don’t work either.

A number of users who’ve reported laggy performance said that the intel versions worked better for them. You say they don’t work; what exactly is the error you get?

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So I had tried one of the two Intel versions and it just wouldn’t open on my computer BUT I just tried the other Intel version and IT FIXED THE PROBLEM. Thank you so much!


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