Links between shared decks <-> add-on won't properly load site

In my deck description of a shared deck I’m linking to the Special Fields add-on (last paragraph of description). If you click this link and go to the add-on page, the shared deck section " Sample (from XXXX notes)" and also the download button of the deck will remain unchanged - even though you were redirected to the add-on. Only if you refresh the page, it will be displayed correctly with the download code for the add-on.

I just tried it, and the link to the add-on ( works fine for me. The add-on page loads as expected, with nothing hanging over from the shared-deck page.

Could it be a caching issue in your browser? [I’m using a recent/current version of Chrome on a Windows 11 machine.]

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Works for me too. Maybe an issue with your browser, or an extension you have installed?

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Curious, as this was reported to me by multiple users. I then tested it on macOS with Chrome, Firefox, Safari → each with normal and incognito mode, emptied cache, no extensions. Also tested it on iOS. Issue is in all cases present.

Thanks so much @Danika_Dakika and @dae for taking the time.

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