Syncing to AnkiWeb changes Shared Deck too

Hi, I just realized something quite weird (never thought about this, but it feels like it shouldn’t be like this).

I shared one of my decks at the Shared Decks page, then did some changes to my local version and synced to my account.

After some tweaking fails I figured out I would keep the old one, so I deleted the local one and downloaded the shared one from Shared Decks. But it was the tweaked one!

So apparently, I can’t choose when the next version of my deck is ready for sharing, it just shares on its own each time I change something to the copy on my account.

Is that how it should be? Feels odd to me, since I like to change things and only share them when I’m done. Also… what if I study my own created deck? Will Shared Decks just update the review queue?

Edit: Version 2.1.45, btw.

It is as you expected it to be - shared decks are only updated when you explicitly re-share them. Not sure why you saw what you saw, but please give it another try and see if you can reproduce the issue.

Made a quick recording to show the issue.

Deleting a deck does not delete any notetypes it was using. When you import the deck again, the local notetypes were modified more recently, so they are used in preference over the older ones in the shared deck.

Oh, that makes sense. I forgot that the notes are something separate from the deck itself.