Can I keep same deck after changing note type


I have some shared decks on Ankiweb with some ratings from wild users and I would like to update my shared deck with a new note type.

Currently I found that after changing the note type, these decks are recognized as new decks in Ankiweb. While sharing these new decks, I lost the control of the previously shared decks from mine. I recovered the control of these previously shared decks by restoring my local Anki database to an auto-backup.

Can I keep sharing and updating the same deck even after changing the note type? These ratings and comments in my previous shared decks are quite valuable.


Note types are not relevant.

Thanks for the reply!

What I did is:
1. Deck has already been shared
2. Removing all notes from the deck
3. Import note with a new note type into the deck
4. Sync
After that, in the Ankiweb, the deck is no longer the deck I shared previously. When I click “share”, it shows an empty share form for me. I cannot modify my previously shared deck as well.

I noticed that it says name must be the same. I will try with not changing the name!

Update: Thanks a lot! Works as long as I don’t modify the deck name.