Rename previously shared decks' "actual" titles?

Maybe I’m not seeing the forest for the trees, but it seems to me like there is no way to change the original title of a shared deck once it has been submitted?

(As in: The title actually appearing in Anki, not the one set for AnkiWeb while sharing.)

IOW, it’s not possible to push an update / new version of the same shared deck that carries a different name. Doing so will cause AnkiWeb to create an entirely new shared deck.

Another downside of this, though admittedly a rare one, is that it’s possible for the creator to rename the deck locally and then forget what s:he originally submitted it as. Ofc it’s possible to then download the old version from AnkiWeb and import it to a temporary profile so as to recover the title, but that’s a bit… convoluted.

e: Unrelated: Now universally supported media types like SVG & WEBP remain ignored for the deck’s image count.

e2: Also unrelated: It would be neat if we could edit just the deck description without having to reupload it entirely.

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Happens to me all the time :smiley: I’d prefer to use AnkiWeb to share sample notetypes (over external filesharing platforms) due to its simplicity, but the requirement for a fixed name is a showstopper, as it disallows reordering the hierarchy of shared items.

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All valid points, it’s just a matter of finding the time to address them.