Shared decks: Add ankiweb link to descriptions of subdecks

Currently, the text “Please see the shared deck page for more info.” is only added to the highest level deck of a downloaded deck. But sometimes this deck is just a container for its subdeck(s) (sometimes just 1) and does not itself contain any cards.

For example,

﹂Declension of adjectives

IIRC, this kind of container structure results when someone only wants to share a single deck but exports it while it is a subdeck of a parent deck.

The user will want to delete the parent deck. But then they lose the link to where they downloaded it from unless they copy the deck description from the parent to the subdeck.

For this simple case and any more comprehensive rearrangement of deck hierarchies, I suggest that the link to the shared deck page is also added to the descriptions of all subdecks.

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