Subdeck Failure- New shared deck download

Hey all! So I recently downloaded the new Lightyear deck link here:

( )

and I am able to import the deck, however I am unable to see the subdecks within the deck itself. I have uninstalled anki, reinstalled the newest version, attempted to go back to an older version, and deleted the downloaded deck and re-downloaded it all to no avail thus far. I’ve also made sure Windows is fully updated on my computer and I have restarted the computer x2. First to admit that I’m not tech savvy but if anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated!!

Please provide more details / screenshots:

This is what I first see as I try to import the deck:

Once the deck is imported this is what I see:


The issue is that the sub deck ‘BnB’ is meant to have another ‘+’ icon next to it and is meant to be broken down into further topics. All of which are associated with different videos I’m trying to watch and then re-enforce. Any guidance/ thoughts/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks. I would try first to import your shared deck on a separate profile, and see if the problem persist there.

Problem is still persisting (deck will not further divide into sub-decks) although I do appreciate all of your help here!

Strange, I think that should work.

The file is big. Maybe is it corrupted? Did you try to download it again?

Just re-downloaded it and re-imported it into the separate profile and still no luck. I looked back at the reddit link where I got the deck from and thus far no one else seems to have had issues with it (relatively new deck that someone released ~4 days ago).