Sub decks on iOS app

Hi, There has already been a discussion about this on the forum but this issue has not been resolved. How do you add a subdeck to an EXISTING deck on the anki app. when you type in parentdeck::subdeck1 it creates a whole new parent deck even if the letters are the exact same (i.e, parenteck). someone pls help, thanks

If you have a deck called My First Deck, then creating a deck called My First Deck::My First Subdeck will create a subdeck of My First Deck called My First Subdeck.
If you fail to do that, could you provide the minimal steps that lead you to failing this operation?

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Hi, I’ve tried that. But what anki does on the iOS app is that it creates a new deck called ‘my first deck’ and creates a sub deck under it called ‘my first subdeck’, even though i already have a deck named ‘my first deck’. Hope you are able to understand this issue and help me resolve it… or please add the feature where u can just drag and drop a deck under another deck to make it a sub deck, that’d be really helpful. Thanks

So, you end up with two decks with the same name?


Which does contain the subdeck?
BTW, I think you can transform a deck into a subdeck by drag-and-drop.

That should not be possible - if you’re seeing two top-level decks that appear to be identical, they likely differ in some subtle way like a space character in one of them. If you’re sure they’re identical, could you please attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Hi, it was an issue with the spaces, its working now. Thanks !!