2 separate decks under 1 profile

Hello , I want to use 2 separate decks under 1 profile , to be more precise I have anking deck now want to add Janki deck , when I import Janki deck it skips cards . Anyone knows to fix this peoblem? Thanks in advance

  1. Create a new Anki profile (File > …).
  2. Import the Janki deck.
  3. Export it as Notes in Plain Text (.txt).
  4. Create a new deck and import the .txt file (choose to duplicate existing notes or remove the original deck beforehand).
  5. Export it as apkg and import it into the main Anki profile.

now it looks like this: answers beforehand

There are no subdecks

anyway thank you for your help

The card might look and behave differently if you choose a different note type during import. You can check the name of the note type used by the card, for example, with Card Info, and compare it with the same card in the original deck. If the note type of the card hasn’t been changed during import, the duplicated card should look exactly the same.


To preserve subdecks and skip note type selection during import (or if the deck includes cards with different note types), check “Include deck name” and “Include notetype name” while exporting (Anki 2.1.55+).




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