Shared deck can not be found

My friend shared a deck with me, and I got an email that said I could find it in the app under “My shared Decks”. I have no such button on my app. On the web page, there are two similar buttons: “my shared items” and “get shared decks”. None of these contains the shared deck. Can anyone help?

Are you using Anki or some other app using that name? Please provide a screenshot.

When someone shares a deck publicly, it takes 24 hours to be visible to other people. If it was not intended for wide consumption, they should consider using Contributing - Anki Manual instead in the future.

I am using the original anki app, or at least i think so. This is a screenshot from the web

It is not a publicly shared deck as far as i know, it is only shared with me

Maybe your friend was using AnkiApp, not Anki, if you received a similar email message.

It’s from

If that’s the case, see AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions


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