Odd problem when trying to share a deck on AnkiWed

A couple years ago I built, used and publicly shared two decks via AnkiWeb. All was well until I got in a muddle (with different Anki versions and operating system versions). Now there is one publicly shared deck that can no longer be updated. When I attempt this in AnkiWeb, there is a pop-up that says:

Unfortunately the default deck can’t be shared at the moment. Please move your cards into a new deck using the computer version, then try again.

I am stuck trying to understand why it says ‘default deck’ since the deck in question ‘Intermediate Russian vocabulary, with detailed cards’ seems to be non-default. It has a name, and functions correctly.

BTW, the Icelandic deck can still be shared, as can (potentially) the Russian one with ‘COPY’ appended to the name. A possible clue is found in the SQLite table ‘decks’, where the field ‘id’=1 looks suspicious.

I hope there is a solution that allows the public version of the Russian desk to be updated. And in a way that preserves the several ‘thumbs up’ and comments of the current public version!

Rename the deck to Default, create a new deck with the old name (exactly as it is now), and then move the cards into it from the browse screen. That should fix the problem.

Thanks for the advice. Creating a new deck certainly helped. And I was careful to name it identically to the publicly shared deck, using copy&paste. Now AnkiWeb is willing to share the deck.

However, when I select Action / Share for the deck, I see a blank form instead of a prefilled form. I expect a prefilled form (with Name, Tags and Description) when updating. I am hesitant to proceed with filling out the form, in case I create a new publicly shared deck with ‘Thumbs up’ set to zero. That would not be the end of the world, but it would be a pity…

I would appreciate some reassurance that filling in the ‘Share Deck’ form will indeed update the pre-existing shared deck :smiley: Thanks again.

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