Sharing deck with a friend on ongoing basis

I am learning a language with a friend. I am planning to add cards that we then both use. He would not add but ideally would download the Anki app on his iphone as well so we both can build a profile.
I know I can share the deck but can it be set up so that it syncs on his phone as well as mine?
I plan to add cards from pc but use phone app on the train each day.

shared decks being updated automatically would be great. but as of now, it’s not possible.
closest thing (that i know of) to what you want is on a post on reddit which was shared yesterday.

Imagine being able to submit a change or correction to a card, the deck owner approves it, and all deck users everywhere receive the update instantly. We have lots of exciting things like this and much more to come. Stay tuned!

i don’t know how they would do it, but you can follow them to be informed about this project.


Thanks so much for your reply - sad not to be able to share but good not to waste loads of time trying to do something that is not possible!