Latest iOS update for Anki app broke my media cards

Latest iOS update broke my media cards - DO NOT UPDATE ON IOS. Regret updating, as usual with iOS! There is some error message and a link that says they are cracking down on shitty cards that were previously totally working fine for years, and want the users to suddenly fix the errors for potentially thousands of cards?

No, you are not expected to update thousands of cards. The person who wrote your card template appears to have been misusing a marker intended for conditional field replacement as a comment character. Anki (including recent computer versions) will no longer accept this, as it can mask accidental mistakes that are difficult for users to debug.

You can resolve the issue by editing the card template, which should only take a few minutes. You can do it from AnkiMobile, but will be faster to do with a mouse.

  • Edit a problem card and click on Cards…
  • The front template will contain text like:
READ ME:  This means your back card starts here -----------{{/*}}   

For each instance you see, delete the text from the starting {{#* to the ending /*}},
taking care not to delete text prior to or after those markers. Repeat for the back template, and sync your changes, and things should be working again.

Alternatively you can contact the author of the deck/add-on you’re using for assistance. If they’re active, they may release an updated version you can import/update to - but modifying it yourself is likely to be faster.


That worked thanks. I was able to solve the Anki update issue. Rare!