Modifying cards bugs images

Hello There,
I’m using Anki on my Ipad and when modifying old cards it makes my images bug and not being Shown anymore.

I think I figured it has something to do with the font the app is using and more precisely with the apostrophe : the cards seem to be searching for the wrong name after modification.

I can fix it by copy-pasting the good apostrophe mark found on internet for each file but it is really not efficient so do you know if there is any way to fix this issue ?
(Btw I’m not english so I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand me)

The editing screen converts “smart” quotes to regular ones to work around problems when searching on other platforms, and unfortunately it’s causing problems here. It would be nice if this could be fixed in the future, but for now you could work around the issue by using a bulk renaming utility on your computer to rename all of your media files from the “smart” version to a regular quote. Then if you use Find&Replace in the Browse screen, you can apply the same change, and images will no longer break when you edit them.

That’s a good way to solve the problem, thank you for your help !