Images Missing - Sync Completr

I’ve been using the same deck for a while now though I haven’t used Anki on iOS for a few weeks. As such, I was surprised when I fired it up to find almost every card saying “an image was missing. This is usually because syncing has not completed yet.” Syncing however is complete. I have forced a sync (download from ankiweb) and deleted then installed Anki on iOS again and still have the same issue. The only changes i made was switching to V3 and going to .51 on my Mac. Any ideas what I could do to fix this?

I suspect it’s caused by this line in the styling section of your card template:

background: url(Logo.png);

You don’t appear to have a Logo.png file, so removing that line will probably make the problem go away.

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That did it. Thank you!

Can you explain how to access where to change the code on Anki mobile? I’m having the same issue on my iPad but can’t figure out how to remove that line.

You can access it from the review screen, by tapping on the gear/cog in the bottom right, then scrolling down to Card Template. In your case it looks like the issue is a reference to <img src="AnKingRound.png" at the bottom of the front and back template, when no such file exists. You may be able to solve it by adding an underscore: <img src="_AnKingRound.png" .

@AnKingMed if you have not already resolved this, heads up

I don’t know why there’s not an underscore… I’ve never had this issue. You can download this addon for my latest note types: AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb

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That worked!! Thank you so much!!