Issue: Errors in copying and pasting images

When I am copying images from one card to another (on anki for iPad, using a keyboard), something will frequently occur like so:

  1. I see a card with an image/images that I want to put on another card
  2. I select them and push the keyboard shortcut for copy
  3. I go to the next card and push the keyboard shortcut for paste. The image appears fine
  4. I save the card and then see its preview, but instead of showing the image, it shows an empty square
  5. I go back to the editor and change it to HTML view. There, I notice that the copy-paste function has attempted to escape the space characters in the original file name. To make the image properly work, I have to un-escape and put the spaces back in the file name.

Is this inherent to iPad OS or can this bug be patched?

This is probably a bug in AnkiMobile rather than iOS. For now, perhaps you could work around it by tapping on the </> icon to view the HTML source, and copying+pasting that? Are you copying from the editor, or from the review screen?

If I copy from the HTML view it works fine, as it copies everything as text, including the file name spaces. If I copy it as an image in the rich text view, it will paste as an image, but upon switching to the HTML view, you see that it’s tried to escape every “ “ (space) character with a “%20”, which causes the file name to point to an invalid location when you actually go to preview the card.

I’ll look into it.

Sorry for the delay; a fix will be in the next beta. If you’d like to try it: Beta Testing - AnkiMobile Manual