Pasted image in Windows Anki 24.4 not getting synced to Anki Mobile 24.4 and reported as missing media file

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I am on the latest version of both Anki iOS (24.04) and Anki for Windows Version ⁨24.04 (429bc9e1)

Card on Anki mobiles shows as image missing

Looking at the card with html


Cards that display images correctly don’t have alt= and $value clauses

Did media check in anki mobile and “$value-beec6d214504ba3267eed7ea563890cb9bbe4033.” is reported as missing media file

For some reason Anki for Windows reports files that is missing on Anki mobile as unused

Looking at the card in Anki for Windows the image is used or at least referenced by the card

I wonder if $value in image reference confuses anki making it think that image is unused

I was able to replicate the issue multiple times. To replicate the issue once can copy image from Microsoft forum by right clicking on image below, selecting copy and then pasting into Anki for Windows. It seem to happen for most if not all images on this website

Just in case the URL is as below
[How to] VAT Settlement Correction Posting Concept Dynamics FO

What even is $value.........4033.? Is it an image file? Have you looked at it outside of Anki?

Have you tried downloading/saving the image in its native png format, and attaching that to your note? I think that would work better.

$value gets added when I paste image. Not sure why.

That must be what you’re copying. Are you copying the image or its url?

I right click on image whilst on website, select Copy image, switch to Windows Anki and click paste.

Well, it seems like that’s not working on that website, because of the way the site is designed.

Try "save image or “download image” or “open image in a new tab” – you need to get to the actual image file, so that your img tag references the file directly [as its “src” not “alt” text] –

Thank you for your advice. As a workaround I was manually saving image using Windows Snipping tool. I was wondering if Anki could detect $value in image name when saving the image internally and remove $value from image name and sound reference in the card. This would eliminate the issue altogether and remove the need for a workaround.

I don’t think you need to make a separate screenshot of the image, you just need to make sure you’re copying the image itself or its direct url.

I don’t think the problem is necessarily just the “$value” part. Anki already takes care of fixing media filenames for you when it can – Media - Anki Manual. The problem is that $value.........4033. isn’t a well formed filename and it’s missing an extension.

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