Bug report: error reloading card after deleting it

Hi, I keep getting an error message whenever a delete a note. Seems like Anki is trying to reload it after deleting it. Please see attachated gif and image.

I disabled all add-ons on Anki desktop, created the test deck and test card and deleted while reviewing.

Anki iphone version: 23.10
iOS version: 16.6.1


Thanks in advance

Why not do what it suggests?

Click on Decks in the menu (top left), and then in the Decks screen, click on the “gear wheel” icon in the menu (top right) to get the Preferences screen, then click on “Check Database”.

I did, but it keeps happening every time I delete a card. Sorry forgot to mention.

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Just updated desktop to 23.10.1 (PyQt5) and iOS to 17.1.1 but keeps happening.

I can’t think of anything except to repeat the “Check Database” on the desktop (it’s under the Tools menu), maybe do an “Empty Cards…” for good measure, and then see if deleting cards works on the desktop.

Just tried that:

  1. Check database and empty cards.
  2. Create a deck with a card.
  3. Delete this card on desktop works fine (by pressing Ctrl + Supr while reviewing). No error message.
  4. Then Ctrl + Z, undelete the card.
  5. Sync.
  6. Delete on iphone and get error message again with the same card in the same deck.

Thanks anyway

Hmm. In step 5, did you do a sync on both? The computer first and then the iPhone? Sorry if I’m suggesting something obvious.

When you do the sync on the iPhone, maybe try a Full Sync. From the Decks screen, select the gear-wheel icon in the top right to get the Preferences screen. In the Preferences screen, select Syncing. In the Syncing screen, select “Full Sync”. It will ask if you want to force a one-way sync. So then Download onto your phone. Maybe that will wipe out the problems in your phone’s database.

Repeated everything but forcing changes on sync in step 5. Still getting the error message.

This looks like a bug in AnkiMobile. I’ll make sure it’s fixed in the next update.

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