Making new cards on the iOS mobile

I’m trying to make some simple cards from text I’m reading on my phone but when I save it, well, it doesn’t save.

What happens? Would you be able to attach a short video demonstrating the issue? Have you tried searching for the card content in case it was added to a different deck than the one you expected?

Ok I figured out it’s putting the cards in a new “default” instead of the one I picked which is also the current one. This default deck didn’t even exist. Any idea what’s going on?

If you have a filtered deck selected as the target, Anki can’t put new cards there, and will revert to the default. If that doesn’t explain it, perhaps “deck override” is enabled: Cards are being placed in the "Default" deck - Frequently Asked Questions

I never use filtered decks. The link you gave me indicates Ankidroid is the problem but I don’t own an android device. It says something about deck over ride. Is this on the desk top version or iOS?

You’ll need to use the computer version to adjust it, in the card templates screen.

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