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Anki IOS mobile app not showing some decks (need help, I'm losing it)

If someone can help me with this I’ll be forever grateful as I’m 5 minutes away from smashing something in frustration. I just broke my wallet to buy Anki for mobile and all I want to do is to be able to study a stupid menu for a crappy new job so I don’t embarrass myself on my first shift. I would just like to study in bed on my phone rather than be at my desk all day!

I spend around 1-2 hours making a deck on the anki destop app. I synce and upload it to Ankiweb. I buy this exstortionate app on IOS for my phone and login to my Anki account. I Sync my account and set it up to ‘download from Anki web’ it syncs and the name of the decks show up but a bunch of cards are missing. I have not touched some of these decks yet so they haven’t been completed. (I was hoping to do that in bed, 2 hours ago but I’ve been up all night trying to figure this out because for whatever reason this stupid app isn’t functioning like it should). I’ve attached 2 images of my desktop Anki program and what my mobile anki program is showing.

I would love for someone to correct me if I am wrong and I will humbly apologise to Anki for doubting them but at the moment I am beyond frustrated. I’m begging anyone for some help? It would go along way, thank you.
desktop 11

It looks like you’ve discovered a bug - the day number has not been updated correctly after downloading the deck. I’ll make sure this gets fixed in the next update, and in the mean time, you should be able to resolve the problem by force-closing the app and opening it again:

Edit: hmm, I can not seem to reproduce this. Did restarting the app solve your problem? If you tap on the graphs icon in the top left and then collection, does it match the “studied x cards…” message you see on your computer?

Thanks for the reply, restarting the app did not work. I just completed one deck on the app to practise this morning and I checked the graph afterwards and it says ‘no cards have been studied today’ I even synchronised after and on the desktop app it hasn’t recognised anything I have done on the mobile app. This is really frustrating as my shift starts tomorrow and I’m not going to be home today to study on my computer hence why I bought the app but I’m spending more time trouble shooting than learning…

You appear to have done a number of one way syncs during that time - is it possible you synced after studying, before checking the graphs? If you chose “download” after doing some studying, that would overwrite the work you did with an older version from AnkiWeb. If your devices are still out of sync, please start from the device that has the closest to your desire state, force a one way sync in the preferences screen, and then upload. The visit AnkiWeb, and you should be able to confirm that the due counts are the same. The please sync any other devices you have, choosing download. Presumably they then show the same counts as well?