Blank cards in AnkiMobile

I think I have a similar issue with Anki mobile, when I review a deck the card is blank, but when I tap edit, all the data is there. It works fine on my desktop though…

Could you point me to a specific card that’s not working, so I can look it up in your AnkiWeb collection?

Hi Dae, thanks for your help. On my iPhone anki mobile doesn’t display any of my cards. However on my iPad it works fine. Could it be a sizing thing? I’m not sure how to point you to a particular card in my collection

Hmm, that’s puzzling, as your card templates look fine. Please try forcing a one-way sync in the preferences>syncing screen of AnkiMobile and choose download (after ensuring your syncing is up to date on all devices first) - does that make any difference? Does changing between day and night mode/themes make any difference?

Not sure why it didn’t work the first time round but forcing the one-way sync worked! thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

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